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Studies suggest that kids are experiencing greater levels of exposure to damaging noise, with pediatric audiologists reporting an increase in the amount of children they are treating with damaged hearing.
12.5% children in the USA today between the ages of 6-19 have experienced hearing damage, which can be a progressive problem with continued exposure to excessive noise. Some of this number demonstrate profound hearing loss as a result of noise exposure.
These findings suggest that children are being exposed to excessive amounts of hazardous noise, and children’s hearing is vulnerable to these exposures – leading to continued hearing-health problems in later life.
SAFE sounds levels are considered to be around 85dB, which, for the uninitiated, is slightly louder than the noise a washing machine makes. Seems small doesn’t it? But it’s a big issue. Airplane noise often registers over 92dB! Imagine that for 10 hours!

Ems for Kids Baby Earmuffs - Straws

Thankfully, Ems for Kids is here to save the day. We are passionate about protecting kids ears and have spent years working with audiologists, professional musicians, occupational therapists and R&D specialists, perfecting our product.
In fact, hearing protection for kids is the ONLY thing we do, which means we are the market leader in our field – and we have the safety rating to prove it.
Our products reduce noise by at least 26dB, making so many experiences available to families – like Monster Jam, Festivals, Plane trips, Concerts, Sporting Events, Weddings, and More!
It’s so important to provide your children with quality hearing protection – and we’re here to help.

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Upcoming Events – MARCH 2018

Heading to any of these events in March? Don’t forget hearing protection for your kids!

Month / Dates Event Event Type Location
1st – 4th March Adelaide 500 V8 Supercars Adelaide
8th March NRL Season Launch NRL Australia Wide
9th – 12th March WOMADELAIDE Music Festival Adelaide
16th – 18th March CMC Rocks QLD Music Festival Ipswich
22nd – 25th March Formula One Grand Prix Formula 1 Melbourne
22nd March AFL Season Launch AFL Australia Wide
23rd March – 3rd April Sydney Royal Easter Show Fireworks Sydney
29th March – 2nd April   Byron Bay Bluesfest Music Festival Byron Bay