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I want families to enjoy time together and make memories in any environment, even noisy ones! Music festivals, sporting events and travel shouldn’t stop a parent from bringing the kids!  – Daniel Gibney, Founder – Ems for Kids 

In 2007, Daniel Gibney, dad and drummer, needed a product that would protect his daughter’s ears while he practised drums at home or played at gigs. On the hunt for a product to help, Dan realised the market had room for an earmuff designed specifically for kids. Consequently, over the next 12 months, Dan launched the first folding, KIDS earmuff design to the market with the  ‘Ems for Kids’ name, in honour of his first daughter ‘Emily’ or ‘Em’. 

 Two years later in 2009, Dan designed and patented the original BABY earmuff  with a unique pressure-reducing headband design safe for newborns. Dan’s second daughter Lucy was also born. 

In 2017, the Ems for Kids range expanded to include the AUDIO headphones.  

In 2018, global distribution and the Gibney family continued to grow with the birth of their third child, Isaac. The Gibney clan are passionate about family time, music, travel and Dan’s home made self-saucing chocolate pudding too! 

Ems for Kids is now sold online as well as across the globe in retail stores and the brand can be found in baby expos and trade shows  internationally, multiple times a year.